Tuesday, July 24, 2007


HOT - 1. Caveman language to describe humans of the female gender who have (this list is not all inclusive) boobs, a sense of humor, drink alcohol (drinking good beer automatically rates a SMOKIN' HOT), hate golf (the only exception is chicks who play golf and show cleavage), love the Red Sox, live on the east coast, west coast, gulf coast or the mid west, north west, eastern seaboard or the south United States, or almost anywhere else.

- "Chicks who think jeter's gay are HOT"
- "Chicks who dig dudes with mustaches are HOT"
- "Chicks who shop at Trader Joe's are HOT"
- "Chicks who ____________ (fill in the fucking blank) are HOT"
- "Pink is HOT"
- "Chicks who wear special tinfoil hats are SMOKIN' HOT"

2. HOT is also an authorized adjective used to describe non-homosexual manlove for Red Sox players.

- Mike Lowell is HOT


Tex said...

except that you didnt mention the region of Texas :)


Skeeter said...

Chicks who live in Canada are hot.

hayes said...

I like golf. :(

Cyn said...

Mike Lowell is totally hot in a homosexual manlove way as well.

:happy sigh:

beckperson said...

Ha ha ha ha! Hayes ISN'T HOT! (More BB for the rest of us!)

I kid because I love, of course.

Tex said...

Whoa!!!!!!!!!! I missed this...chicks who play golf are TOO hot

JET said...

Men who can describe non-homosexual manlove for Red Sox players are H-O-T!!!

BB said...

Golfing Chicks can be hot - post has been updated...

hayes said...

Wow, is it hot in here or is it just me?