Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Acronyms and Alternates

Elmerpalooza = SG gathering due to be held (or actually held depending on when you read this) in May 2008, with the pretext of Elmer/Ted's first excursion to Fenway. Beer, weakwaters and, no doubt, tears will flow/flowed copiously.

= Faith from a mistyping by Mrs MLB (of 'keep the faith': do I have to explain everything? Oh, yes, I guess I do.) See also KTMFF™

FUT = Fat Unctuous Toad = Roger Clemens, for obvious reasons.

FWIW = For what it's worth. Fairly standard SMS shorthand, included here for completeness.

Gibleys = Corruption of giblets = Male pudenda, as in the exhortation: 'Hit him in the gibleys!" directed at a pitcher when, say, Dora is at the plate, presenting a small target.

GMTA = Great minds think alike. Again, SMS-speak.

Hane = JD, longtime SG commenter's first name as pronounced by a Cuban. I'd puzzled over this one for ages until someone asked recently. Posted by Hohn.

Heard = Alternate for heart as in the expression 'I heart Bronson Arroyo'. So, for example, 'I heard Barry Bonds'. On second thoughts, not a good example. Originally a typo from Cyn, picked up on by some Pommie pedant and since used repeatedly in SG.

= Hapless MotherFucking Yankees. Extension of MFY created by Hayes (?Fix that someone, memory's not what it was) during their May 2007 slump. Also HCDMFYs = Hapless, Cellar-Dwelling MotherFucking Yankees, now obselete, but hey, sometimes it's nice to reminisce.

Hyg = Hug, another typo from Cyn (the woman is all thumbs) XOXOXO (Hygs and Kusses)

Intoxicited = Intoxicated and excited. Created by Tex when she was both, whenever that was.

KTMFF™ = Keep The MotherFucking Fair. Used by Josh Blue in his tag, complete with trademark claim.

LMB = Large-mouth bass = Tina Cervasio of NESN fame. Not used much recently (the acronym,
not the fair Ms Cervasio. Oh, I don't know though...).

Palooze = To foregather , on virtually any pretext, to drink, eat and partay. See also Tomapalooza, Elmerpalooza etc. May sometimes involve stuffed animals and other inanimate objects.

Pesus = Jesus. See Pord.

Phrist = Christ. See Pord.

Pod = God. See Pord.

= Lord. A Josh Blue typo with considerable legs, and numerous offspring. The jackrabbit of typos, if you will.

RKoR = Rally Kitty of Relaxation. SotB's cat, capable of launching a Sox rally
while asleep in the sink.

Tomapalooza = SG gathering in Boston involving a certain self-effacing Englishman and really awesome quantities of alcohol. Tomapalooza II featured, inter alia, a stuffed monkey taking a stuffed ferret from behind. Strangely, the Boston PD took no action.

WSG = Wavey Smiley Guy; the emoticon used to show a smiley face waving...hence the name. JB typically uses them in numbers

WHF = What Het Fuck? "Het" was a mistyping of 'The" by Tom Miles. He claimed it was intentional, no-one believed him, and he was ridiculed accordingly. Also OMP WHF = Oh My Pod, What Het Fuck = Oh My God, What The Fuck? Sweet, eh?

Whuck = Fuck in Maori pronunciation. Included here because I can.


hayes said...


'Included here because I can'

Drunk with power! Drunk!

I heard u.

Cyn said...

//Extension of MFY created by Hayes//

MFY seems to be rampant throughout online Red Sox fandom. So I'm not sure our Ms Hayes created it.

:hugs to Hayes:


hayes said...

You're right cyn, I don't think I put the 'h' in front first, but I was a very enthusiastic supporter of it!

Tex said...

ok you left out intoxicited HS

Sox on the Beach said...

I'm not willing to go back and do the searching, but I'm fairly certain it was "HFY" not "HMFY" that came about and I believe the one responsible for it could be yours truly.

Then again, I could be drinking.

HorshamScouse said...

//ok you left out intoxicited HS//

Fixed. Can't figure out how I missed it first time around.

//Then again, I could be drinking.//

Think I was when I posted the draft (ho, ho) although my editor didn't question it.

DeathOpie said...

So that I may live in eternity in the blogosphere, I would like it to be know that I was the creator of Turdpuff; first used to describe A-rod, I believe.